Friday, 1 January 2016

About This Blog

This is my blog for my hobby of analytical radio scanning. This can be best described as "The use of analytical processes, procedures, equipment and software to construct fully detailed and researched information which outlines the overall usage of a given radio frequency, channel, system or user”.

My interest in analytical radio scanning has come about due to my passion for finding out as much as possible about different radios system, who uses them, frequencies, call signs, codes and other parameters that help to build up an overall picture of the system. While I am an active member of a few different radio related groups, forums and websites on which I share some of my research, this blog is designed for me to expand on this in the future and share a much wider range of information. Analytical radio scanning is at the core of everything I do with this blog and the radio scanning hobby in general.

One thing I am always doing is searching the various radio bands for new / unpublished frequencies and users which is very rewarding when you manage to confirm who is using a frequency, in some cases this has taken me in excess of 10 years to confirm who is using a given frequency and in one cases 5 seconds of audio was what finally confirmed who they were. This is why I find this type of activity so rewarding. In my case the contents of the communications are not what I am interested in but which frequencies are in use.

I only post information that has been confirmed by myself. I will not post frequencies or information, that I have not been able to confirm.  
I will not post surveillance frequencies, federal, military or other frequencies of a sensitive nature.

Please also note that I have no interest in listening to the Tasmania Police Service or any equipment capable of receiving their transmissions.

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