Thursday, 28 January 2016

Launceston Area Frequency Usage Graphs - January 2016

Over the past month I have picked 15 random days and used the frequencies which were logged active on those days to construct some graphs on the usage of each frequency. All these are how many days out of the 15 possible days they were logged active by me, the number of times in each day they were logged is not relevant, just how many days they were logged.

Starting with the VHF Mid Band. 70.325MHz is fairly active, only not being logged on two possible days. Launceston city Council on 78.3125MHz has been active every day, this frequency is very busy during the 6am - 9am time period when crews are cleaning the CBD and streets. Forestry Tasmania on 78.475MHz has also been very active of late due to the number of bush fires in my area. The top end of the band which is used by the ambulance and fire services has also been very active of late.

Next the VHF high band. The three airband frequencies of 118.7, 123.8 and 126.5MHz have all been active every fay as you would expect. VK7RAA on 147.000MHz has also been logged very active. Tasrail, Tox Free and Redline have also been very active.

Finally the UHF band. This is more mixed with the two metro frequencies of 464.275 and 464.375MHz both being  very active. and logged every day. Uni security on 474.775MHz has also been logged active every day in this period. Below this are two rental frequencies, two Launceston City Council frequencies and then a real mix below that point of 70cm amateur repeaters, another Launceston City Council frequency and various business users.

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