Friday, 15 January 2016

Portable Radio Scanning and Searching Kit - January 2016 MK2

After much research, debate and indecision I have recently decided to purchase a Tool Pro safe case which I now use to hold my scanning kit. This includes:

3 x Radio Scanners
Multiple Aerials
Spare Batteries
Battery Charger
Ear Phones
Log sheets / Pens

The case I have purchased is this model:

After comparing the sizes, prices and availability of various models this came out as the most suitable for my needs. I have enough space to add some more radios in the future if I wish to. I have removed the bottom foam and replaced this with bubble wrap, this gives me a little bit of extra height. I have also attached the top lid foam section with some double sided tape to stop it falling out when the case is opened.

Updated Photos - 28/01/2016

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