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An old radio scanning page I made in mid 2004

*** This brings back some good memories. The below is a direct copy and paste with all the formatting "as is". 

Radio  Scanning Tasmania
Last updated    10/6/2004

About Me And Radio  Scanning
I am 22 years old, I have been into radio  scanning for a few years now,  It all started in  October 1999 when I brought a Tandy brand 100 channel handheld scanner that  covered from 66 MHz to 956 MHz, I used this almost non stop from the day I had  it, after getting some good frequencies from my electronics teacher at college.  After using this radio for about 6 months I had saved up enough with a bit extra  money from my 18th birthday to buy a brand new scanner, I got a  uniden ubc 9000xlt base scanner in March 2000.
I totally  feel in love with scanner at this point and have never looked back since. I then  got an external aerial installed and that greatly improved the number of  frequencies I could hear and the quality of the signal. During March 2002 my  beloved Tandy handheld got damaged by a accident at my work place while it was  sitting on a bench. This meant I had to buy a new handheld scanner, I got a  uniden ubc 3000xlt handheld.
This was  constantly with me when ever I was away from home and I have spent many nights  listening to my scanners as major events have unfolded and spent many hours  listening to what's going on around my city. Around October 2002 I got  interested in being able to listen to the statewide EDACS based radio system  that the police and our power company use. After searching the internet I came  across the Uniden ubc 245xlt trunk tracker ii scanner. I put one on lay by  hoping to be able to pay it off as a Christmas present for myself.
As it  happened 2 days before I was to pick it up, my car got broken in to at work (I  left a door unlocked for 2 minutes while loading boxes) and my 3000xlt handheld  got stolen. I pick up my new 245xlt in 2 days time and after a shaky start  programming it for  the EDACS system, I was rewarded by getting it to work It is  now all ways with me and I love it.
 The way  that it allows me to follow transmissions as they move frequencies is amazing  and a real benefit after having to use a "normal" scanner to try and listen to  it. Over the time I have had my scanners, my interest groups have changed many  times, starting off with the Air band and emergency services, moving in to the  business users, and now today, I like listening to the EDACS system, and the  fire service. I have a core group of frequencies that are ALWAYS in my scanner  and these include,
Local fire service frequency
Local UHFCB  repeater
Uni of TAS  security
Ract  roadside assistance
Metro bus  service.
And 2 taxi  company frequencies.
Today (May  2004) I have a uniden 780 xlt trunk tracker iii, this allows me to listen to all  EDACS transmissions that are not encrypted,  it gets used for at least  2 hours  most nights and more of a weekend or when I get time to. My 245xlt is used while  I am at work or away from home.

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I have now made a Yahoo Group for radio  scanning in Launceston, search yahoo groups for launcestonscan  then feel  free to join.
Check out for all the good information
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