Monday, 8 February 2016

An update on VK7RAA on 147MHz

Mt Arthur update
The following is courtesy of Joe VK7JG,
“Mt Barrow VK7RAA on 147 MHz was turned off around 1400 on Tuesday. On Tuesday David VK7JD, Allen VK7AN, Peter VK7PD and Joe VK7JG went to Mt Arthur. David completed the solar installation while Joe connected the repeater and the aerials installed by Allen and Peter.
From all reports the new transmitter on Mt Arthur is working as well if not better than the old site. The only down side is that it cannot be heard at St Helens. Power out is only 25 Watts into the aerial whereas before we were running 100W. It is running on a temporary aerial mounted about 2M above the ground. Eventually it will use a pair of side mount dipoles at 18M. This should give a noticeable improvement.
David has done an excellent job in getting all the solar equipment installed on site. There is still quite a lot of work to be done including installing the 6M repeater. For the moment it is all working very well.
A special thanks to the team that carried up the solar panels the week before as two trips each were required to complete the task.”
(Joe, VK7JG)

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