Friday, 16 December 2016

CBD Close Call Hits - 16/12/2016

Today my wife and I went in to the city to do our Christmas shopping. I took along my backpack and in this I had my Uniden UBC126AT radio scanner running in "Close Call Temporary Store Mode". This logs any close call hits in to a special 10 channel memory bank as they are found, this allows them to be reviewed later (but before the power is turned off as this special 10 channel memory bank is cleared when the power is turned off). This mode is very useful for "up close" monitoring when you don't want to have your radio scanner on show, have it running in your bag or on your belt and check the results later on.

Logged hits for the Launceston CBD in the four hours were:
146.400MHz - VK7RAA 2 Metre Repeater. Input frequency.
158.450MHz - Redline Buses (CTCSS tone logged). Input frequency for 163.050MHz on Abels Hill.
411.1875MHz - Tasmania Fire Service UHF handheld (CTCSS tone logged). Launceston 1.2?
412.3625MHz - Tasmania Fire Service UHF handheld (CTCSS tone logged). Rocherlea 1.1
474.375MHz - Launceston City Council (CTCSS tone logged). Parking Services
476.800MHz - UHF CB Channel 16. Best and Less staff. I heard this one alert me, so I sat outside the store and had a quick listen to confirm the usage of it.

Overall I was more than impressed with how well this mode worked. I can see myself making more use of this in the future.

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