Monday, 19 December 2016

Close Calling LED Signs

Around six weeks ago, I was driving along Wellington Street in Launceston when I stopped at the traffic lights near the Westbury Road turn off. I had my Uniden UBC126AT scanner with me, running in close call mode.

I got a close call hit on 162.500MHz which is the repeater output frequency for Boral on Mt Arthur. This was "open carrier". I thought this was a little strange as I was over 22km from where this repeater is located (see the map below)

I thought it might have been a driver using this in simplex mode, but I have never heard them do this before. A couple of weeks later I was again driving in this area and again had a close call hit on this same frequency, 162.500MHz. This I found very strange. 

Last week I was driving past Queechy High School when I again got a close call hit on 162.500MHz, this really puzzled me. I parked my car and got out, by following the signal strength I was able to locate the source of the signal to this LED sign.

On my drive home I drove along Wellington Street and got another close call hit on this frequency, looking around I spotted this sign.

It seems that these LED signs radiate a open carrier signal on 162.500MHz. Range is up to 25 metres.

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