Sunday, 11 December 2016

Launceston Tip Radio Usage

Today I took two loads of rubbish to the Launceston Refuse Centre (tip). I had my Uniden UBC126AT with me in close call auto store mode. I knew from a previous visit that they use UHF CB channel 18 for day to day operations.

While waiting in line to be weighed before entering, I got my first close call hit on UHF CB channel 18 (476.8500MHz), this was a staff member asking a front end loader driver to compact down some waste in one of the bins. 

When I was directed to one of the bins to unload, I left UBC126AT in the car, when I returned to exit I got a hit on 80.8125MHz which is the repeater input for 78.3125MHz, this is the main Launceston City Council frequency for the city area, this is located on Freelands Lookout. This was asking for the gate to be opened.

As I drove closer to the entry / exit point I noticed three aerials on the roof (see photos below):
One is a VHF mid-band aerial which is for 78.3125MHz
One is a UHF aerial, this would be for UHF CB channel 18.
The middle aerial looks to be a VHF / UHF TV aerial, this is pointing towards the Broadcast Site Juliana St West Launceston.

The use of the VHF mid-band frequency is not something I was aware of and I will update my notes to reflect this.

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