Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Years Eve Scanning

Our new years eve was fairly quiet, spent with some friends. On the scanning front, in the afternoon I was driving near city park when I got some faint signals on the Eagle Security frequency of 462.2875MHz. As I drove closer to the CBD this improved until I was able to confirm that this was being used by security staff at the "Royal Eve" event at Royal Park. Later in the night as we drove home this was very active.

Other services were fairly active with both the T.F.S and A.T attending to new years eve related incidents. I can't comment on Tasmania Police as I don't / can't listen to them. Ability Taxis on 70.325MHz were very active. Metro were busy arranging shuttle buses from the city and Redline were also active. Little was heard on UHF CB which is a little strange given normally it is full of crazies on this night. The three "DMR" security frequencies were all active but I am unable to decode their signals.

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