Monday, 12 December 2016

Radio Scanning Desk - December 2016

For the last couple of years, my radio scanning has mostly been focused on portable operation. I have recently been able to setup a desk at home which I am now using for radio scanning. I have a small netbook which runs the Scan125 Control Program which I used for remote control / logging of my UBC126AT scanner. I often set this up for logging while I am busy doing other things or out, I can then return later and review these loggings which I use to help confirm active frequencies.

Below are some photos of my set up. From left to right we have.
- Uniden UH-042XR handheld UHF CB. I use this for scanning our UHF CB band and also while on road trips.
- HP 10" netbook. This is used for logging, research and frequency management / programming.
- Uniden UBC126AT. This is my main scanner and when I am not using out of the house, it lives here connected to my netbook for logging active frequencies.
- Uniden UBC72XLT. This is my backup scanner which is mostly used for monitoring some of my more active frequencies and also in close call mode.

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