Saturday, 7 January 2017

Close Call Loggings - 7/01/2017

Today I had to travel across the city a bit to visit a few different places so I took my Uniden UBC126AT with me and left it running in "Close Call Temporary Store" mode in the car for about four hours. My route was from Riverside to Kmart via the CBD, up to West Launceston, across to Bunnings North Launceston and then home to Riverside.

Below are the frequencies it logged:

72.825MHz - Ability Taxis Input
81.975MHz - Forestry Dazzler Range Input
411.6125MHz - Tasmania Fire Service UHF on truck repeater
454.575MHz - Metro Buses Abels Hill input
464.375MHz - Metro Buses Freelands Lookout
474.375MHz - Launceston City Council Parking Staff

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