Thursday, 5 January 2017

Scanning at the West Launceston Communications Site

Over the years I have been involved in the radio scanning hobby, I have found a couple of good locations around Launceston for undertaking portable scanning sessions. Freelands Lookout and the Talbot Lookout have been two of my go to locations. Recently I have found that Freelands Lookout causes my Uniden UBC126AT scanner some issues, especially when running in close call mode. The bottom half of the of the UHF band also has some issues at this location.

Yesterday I was out driving when I decided to explore around the West Launceston communications site. This is an area I have driven past a few times over the years but have never stopped as I expected that being such a high RF environment that my scanners would not cope. Below are some details on the site, some photos and a video.

Here are links to the ACMA database entries for this location, as can be seen it has a real mix of frequencies, from around 79MHz up to 23GHz. This includes multiple mobile phone carriers, broadcast TV and radio plus multiple VHF / UHF / 800MHz two way radio users.

Water Pumping Station Brougham Street WEST LAUNCESTON

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