Monday, 20 February 2017

I Buy Radio Scanners

I am always on the lookout for radio scanners to buy. If you have a radio scanner you wish to sell please read the below terms and then contact me.

1)  I am only interested in radio scanners located in the greater Launceston area where we can do a face to face transaction.

2) The radio scanner must be in working order, I will test it before I agree to purchase it.

3) I will only purchase radio scanners which are in good physical condition, this does not mean they need to be “perfect” but with no physical damage or excessive wear. I will judge this based on the photos I am sent and when I look at the scanner prior to purchasing it, I reserve the right to not purchase a radio scanner which I feel is not in good physical condition.

4) If the radio scanner is a hand held and uses a battery pack it must hold a charge and come with the correct charger for it.

5) The radio scanner must have at least 50 channels.

6)  The radio scanner must cover at least the following bands:

7) Payment will be made in cash after I inspect and test the radio scanner.

8)  I have limited finances so will only purchase radio scanners which I have a use for and can afford. Sending me the details of a radio scanner does not guarantee that I will purchase it.

Specific model of interest to me:
Uniden UBC72XLT
Uniden UBC73XLT
Uniden UBC92XLT
Uniden UBC93XLT
Uniden UBC9000XLT
Uniden UBC780XLT
Uniden UBCD396T
Uniden UBCD396XT
Uniden UBC126AT

AOR 8200

Icom R5
Icom R6
Icom R20
Icom RX7

Yaesu VR500

Any Tandy / Realistic models (Depending on model)

If you agree to all of the above and have a radio scanner you wish to sell, please email me: with the details of it, including the brand and model number, your price and a photo of the radio scanner if possible. I will try and respond to your email within 48 hours.

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