Friday, 24 February 2017

Radio Go Case - February 2017

Over the years, while involved in the radio scanning / amateur radio / ultralight DXing hobbies, I have used a number of different bags and cases for carrying my radios and associated bits and pieces. Some of these bags and cases have worked very well, others have not for various reasons. 

I have again returned to my love of portable operation, this has meant finding a suitable carry case or bag for my radios to undertaken these activities in parks and other locations.

Based on my experience in the past, I decided to move away from a soft bag like I have used recently and started looking around for a hard case. This needed to be big enough to hold two scanners, aerials, chargers, cords, ear phones and a small notepad for logging purposes but I didn't want to go to a "Pelican" type case due to cost and sizing options.

Recently I was looking on Supercheap Autos website when I noticed they have this case "SCA Plastic Case - Ammunition Style" for $12.17. I liked the size of this and the only thing lacking was a way to keep my radios protected, I had an idea of a way to do this. On my way home from work that night I called past my local store and had a look at this case, they only had one on the shelf. This was a good size and had enough space for my radios and accessories  I had a number of cheap plastic storage containers at home already which I planned on using to keep my ear phones and cords organised.  I also purchased some heavy duty red tape. Total cost was $15.

That night I spent a couple of hours out in the shed setting this up. The first step was to cut the foam sheeting I had in the shed to allow my radios to slide in and out, this is an idea in used in my original stealth ultralight DXing bag and in that case it worked very well. Next I mounted some bubble wrap to the sides, rear and bottom to protect the scanners. I then used some double sided tape to mount the foam to the case so that it will not move.  I then spent some time sorting my various radio scanning accessories and setting up space in the case for them all. This is where the smaller plastic containers came in very handy.

Overall for less than $20 and a couple of hours of my time I have a case which provides a good level of protection to my radios.

New Photos: 11/04/2017


  1. How water resistant is the case? If you added spray rubber or silicone to the outside groove of the lid would that help seal it or not?

    1. They are sold as not water resistant so that might help.