Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Scanning and Searching at the Launceston Cup - 2017

Today is Launceston cup day, I spent a couple of hours this morning scanning and searching the bands close by to try and location the frequencies in use. It has been a couple of years since I have had a chance to do this for the Launceston cup so I was keen to see what frequencies were being used.

Below are some photos of my kit, this included:
Uniden UBC126AT Scanner
Uniden UBC72XLT Scanner
Uniden UHF CB handhed

All my radios setup in the car, scanning and searching the bands.

A video of me undertaking some serious scanning and searching of the bands.

Logged Frequencies:
It appears that all radio traffic related to the Launceston cup this year was on UHF CB.
476.90000 - UHF CB CHANNEL 20 - Gate Access
477.07500 - UHF CB CHANNEL 27 - Ticket Sales / Booklets
477.12500 - UHF CB CHANNEL 29 - O/B camera operators / talk back (CTCSS tone logged)

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