Thursday, 2 March 2017

Stealth Close Call Scanning at Kmart Launceston - 2/3/2017

Kmart Launceston (and other Kmart stores) have UHF ear pieces which all staff now seem to carry. These are used to ask for assistance, questions and general chat between staff. 
Kmart Launceston use this frequency: 462.250MHz.

As they are such low power, you need to be very close to the store to actually hear them. In the past I have logged the CTCSS tone they use. Recently I left my Uniden UBC126AT scanner in close call temporary store mode  while close by, on my return I noticed that in addition to the normal CTCSS tone being logged, a DCS tone was also logged on this frequency. As a side note Officeworks use the same sort of system but they have a DCS tone.

This morning I was up and about early so decided to head to Kmart for some stealth close call scanning to confirm if they had moved to a DCS tone.

My Portable Radio Go Case

 About to head in

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