Sunday, 16 April 2017

TARGET Frequencies - Active

A few weeks ago I noticed the two new frequencies below on the ACMA database for both the TARGET stores in Launceston. I programmed them in to my UBC126AT but as my day to day drive does not take me past them I had not been able to confirm them in use.

463.40000MHz - TARGET LTON

Last week I happened to call past TARGET Mowbray and noticed that all the staff I saw had ear prices. On Saturday I had a couple  of spare hours so I decided to head to each of the stores and see if they were active yet.

I started at TARGET Mowbray, I sat in the car for about 20 minutes close to the doors and didn't hear that frequency active at all, I decided to put my scanner on my belt and head in for a walk around with it in close call temporary store mode. Within a couple of minutes I had a close call hit with the CTCSS tone also logged.

After this success I headed in to the CBD to see if the city store were also on the air. Again I had my UBC126AT on my belt, this time I also had an ear piece in to be able to hear the conversations. I spent a little bit of time walking around the store and was able to confirm the frequency is in use, the CTCSS tone in use and some call signs / a general idea of how they use them.

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