Friday, 3 March 2017

Portable Scanner Stand - March 2017

They say "necessity is the mother of invention". Recently I have been undertaking more portable scanning sessions with my Uniden UBC126AT radio scanner and as such had a need for a cheap and easy way to hold my UBC126AT radio scanner in a position where I could see the screen while using it. At home I have a mobile phone type mounting bracket screwed to a small piece of wood which I use on my bedside drawers for late night scanning of the bands and at my desk, most of my scanning of late has been portable, this required a different way to hold the scanner in the right position.

While looking in my shed recently I found some old computer case blanking plates for PCI slots, after playing around with these I have built something which holds my scanner in the right location, stops it falling over and didn't cost me anything to make.
Materials used were:
1 x PCI blanking plate
1m of "100 mile per hour" tape

I bent the blanking plate until I got the angle correct for my radio (this would vary for different radios due to size and weight), wrapped it in tape. Total build time was about 10 minutes.

Over the past few days I have been using this, it is small enough to fit in my radio go case for portable use and allows me to use my scanner at the correct angle. While this was designed for a radio scanner the same idea could be used for almost any handheld radio with a belt clip.

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