Friday, 24 March 2017

Project - Average Frequency Hits Over a 24 Hour Period.

Over the past week (five business days) I have had a scanner logging all the hits on the 350 frequencies I have programmed in. I excluded weekends due to the fact that a number of business are closed and I didn't want this to impact the results. I record how many "hits" were logged per hour for five days and then averaged the result. This can be seen in the graph below.

My analysis:
In the early hours of the morning you get just under two hundred hits. Most business users are off the air then so this would mostly be the Tasmanian Fire Service, Ambulance Tasmania, some airband and UHF CB plus very limited business users.
Between 5am and 6am shows a massive jump as a number of users come on the air, this includes Tox FREE waste doing wheelie bin pickups and the Launceston City Council CBD street cleaning crews. Between 7am and 8am even more business users come on the air and the large amount of hits logged during this time would be due to staff preparing for businesses to open and people preparing for the day ahead. Metro busses are very active during this time period.
As the day progresses traffic stays steady with a noticeable drop around 12pm which I put down to lunch breaks. Logged hits start to drop off around 5pm and continue to drop off as the evening progresses.

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