Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Portable Scanning - Launceston CBD - 18/4/2017

Today I went for a walk around the CBD with my daughter in her pram. We started off at city park, walked across the CBD to Royal park, back via the Launceston Fire Station and the CBD to KMART and then back to the car. I had my UBC126AT running in close call temporary store mode in the top of the pram, my loggings are below:

81.53750 - TFS (TX)
81.56250 - AMBO (TX)
411.18750 - FIRE-UHF SIMP
462.25000 - KMART LTON
463.40000 - TARGET LTON
476.50000 - UHF CB CH 4
476.82500 - UHF CB CH 17 (Security?)
476.90000 - UHF CB CH 20 (TOLL)
479.57500 - LCC PARK (TX)

UHF CB channel 17 (476.825MHz) also had a hit in the mall, audio was asking for a staff member to do a bag check as a lady was leaving the shop, I suspect this might have been Best and Less.

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