Wednesday, 17 May 2017

UBCD436PT - First Thoughts

Recently I was lucky enough to purchase a Uniden UBCD436PT. Below is a link to the Uniden webpage about it:

It has been many years since I have owned a trunk tracking scanner so it has been a big learning curve to get back in to using a high end scanner like this.

I am planning on documenting my progress with this, what I like / don't like and any issues I come across as a reference source for anybody who has one of these or is thinking of getting one.

My focus to this point has been on getting it programmed how I want, working out some of the advanced features and getting my head around the "Sentinel" programming software.

After two weeks of use, these are my first thoughts:
- It works very well for trunk tracking, it can "hear" very well in the 800MHz band and will decode EDACS control channels at very low signal levels. I mostly listen to the West Launceston and Mt Barrow sites which both cover where I live well.
- The VHF / UHF performance is not great, my UBC126AT out preforms it for general VHF / UHF scanning. I have tested this on it's own standard aerial (which is junk and useless), an after market VHF/ UHF whip and also a couple of different external aerials. In all cases it falls short of what my UBC126AT can receive.
- It has so many features and different modes of operation. I have become a big of discovery mode (as can be seen below) which I often leaving it running in for periods of times while I am at work or busy, coming back later to review the results.

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