Wednesday, 31 May 2017

UBCD436PT - More Thoughts and Experiences

I have now had my UBCD436PT for a few weeks. Some more thoughts and my experiences:
-  I am still a big fan of its performance on the 800MHz trunking band.
- The VHF / UHF performance is not great. I have now been able to test it in a wider range of locations and it is still not as good at picking up signals, especially in the 70-80MHz band.
- The VHF airband is an exception to the above, it preforms very well in this band.
- I have made great use of discovery mode, it now runs in this mode whenever I am not activity using it for listening.
- Battery life is good.
- Build quality is excellent.
- The Uniden software works well and I am understanding this well.
- The display and back lighting options work well, I often having it running beside my bed and can easily read it.
- The LED alert light is great and after some careful programming I am finding this very useful.
- The system / dept / chan keys are very useful, once you understand how to best use them.

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