Saturday, 30 December 2017

Big Bash League (BBL) Scanning at Utas Stadium

Today the Big Bash League (BBL) was in town, playing two games at Utas Stadium. I had noticed some advertising for this a few weeks ago and thought it would make a good / interesting scanning target. In the past I had scanned and searched the bands when AFL games have been on at this location and have logged a number of interesting frequencies.

Today I arrived about half an hour before the gates opened, my thoughts being that this would give me a chance to catch any interesting radio traffic as they were setting up and first letting people in. I parked in a side street and then placed my UBCD396XT in "Close Call Auto Store" mode before walking past the ground, this logged a couple of frequencies. I then went and found a park bench just outside the ground and sat here for an hour searching the bands. Below are my results and some photos.

Overall I was very pleased with what frequencies I was able to find and found it an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

459.1125 Open carrier  
462.0500 Security - Question regarding bag check and if an item is allowed DCS 754
464.0375 Open carrier CTCSS 254.1Hz
464.6625 Open carrier CTCSS 254.1Hz
465.2750 Open carrier DCS 116
466.2875 O/B camera to camera talk back DCS 116
468.8750 Open carrier CTCSS 254.1Hz
480.2125 Open carrier  
485.1500 Hobart Hurricanes Staff - request to open more gates  
486.3750 Camera O/B setup (Logged via Close Call) DCS 116
486.9500 O/B microphone checks DCS 116
489.9750 Event Catering staff - Issue with food delivery CTCSS 254.1Hz
505.1875 Open carrier  
505.7625 Open carrier  
506.2000 Open carrier  
507.4750 Main O/B and director talk back DCS 116

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