Saturday, 13 January 2018

Interference wipes out National Broadcaster in Ulverstone

From the VK7 Regional News.

Around the 9th December 2017, Andrew VK7XR advised that something was interfering with ABC 91.7 FM which is transmitted from Mt Barrow. However, the interference was only in the township of Ulverstone.

Andrew drives along the coast numerous times a day through his employment, and noticed the interference only occurred in the main township of Ulverstone. Eric VK7EV had a listen and confirmed that a carrier no audio was completely wiping out or severely degrading ABC FM throughout the township.

Eric decided that someone else would fix it, after 3 days and interference still in the town 24/7, curiosity got the better of Eric. He took his 5 element 2M beam the smallest directional antenna not on a mast, and took bearings around Ulverstone, this may have caused some locals to think that Eric had completely lost it!
The signal was located as coming from the transmitter at a religious facility’s LPON transmitter. It was transmitting a strong carrier on 91.7 MHz. The transmitter was not at its registered operating location and definitely not on the 88 MHz.

Eric took down a few details and submitted an interference report to ACMA, due to coming up to Christmas, nothing was heard from ACMA. However, in early January ACMA Inspector / Field Technical Officer Compliance and Field Operations Tony called to confirm details and asked me for more info including pictures of the transmitting antenna.

Tony advised he had been in touch with the operator of the LPON station, advising them to switch off the transmitter until it was repaired, and to send ACMA updated Licence location details.
Tony asked Eric to confirm the interference had gone and this was confirmed.

Eric comments that this is another justification to my children for having all these radios and antennas, people he spoke with who listened to the ABC, just thought their radios were faulty or changed to another ABC FM frequency.

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