Monday, 19 February 2018

Scanner Frequency Google Search Map

I came across this over the weekend via the VK7 Regional News. The data seems a bit "out of date" but still a good resource.

"Now for the SDR or scanner information. 
Lots of you have been using SDRs for some time. They are great for use on the amateur bands and also great for snooping round listening to the vast array of commercial and government services as well as a surprising number of local specialist FM stations. 
The specific frequencies of your own local fire, ambulance, marine, yachting, SES, council, air services, forestry and hydro transmitting sites are sometimes hard to come by. Phil recently acquired a list containing around 5,900 entries of Tasmanian frequencies along with their licensee names. 
He's built a Google Map interface that allows you to drop a Pin on the map and search within a radius of 2, 10, 20 or 40 kilometres of the pin so you can find all the licensees and frequencies in use around you regardless of who they are. 
You can also search for them by licensee name, by spot frequency and by frequency range. The page also generates a "found list" that can be copied from your screen and pasted into a text document as tab delimited text to make it easier to program your radio with the frequencies of your choice. 
If you would like to try Phil's Tas frequency map the URL is: 
Of course, they are just hobby sites and come with no business guarantee. Phil has only used the sites with Chrome and Safari and the great new browser called "Brave", so if the sites break in your browser then you get to keep the pieces. 
73 from Phil, VK7JJ "

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