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Welcome to the VK7 Regional News for the 8th July 2018. This broadcast is brought to you by VK7WI, and read today by Justin, VK7TW. 
This broadcast utilises repeaters around VK7 and the following HF rebroadcast stations: 
On 3.670 MHz by Peter, VK7TPE 
On 7.140 MHz by Gary, VKJGD 
On 14.130 MHz by Ross, VK7ALH and 
On 28.525 MHz by Tony, VK7VKT 
On 146.9625MHz VK7RCR DMR Channel 3807 VK7 News only from 0930 - 1000 by Clayton, VK7ZCR 
This broadcast is repeated on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RTC in the South and VK7RAA in the North. 
Bill Dixon OAM, VK7OZ, passed away on the 30th June. He was 91 years old.. 
Bill was first licensed as VK2OZ in 1957. 
Bill joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1949, initially training as a signaller. He finished his career with the RAAF as Wing Commander W E Dixon, Senior Air Force Officer, Tasmania. 
You can read Bill's story of his early RAAF career in the RAAF RadSchool Association magazine at 
While with the RAAF, Bill was sent to the UK where he acquired a Scottish callsign and to the US where he acquired a Heathkit transceiver. 
After leaving the RAAF, Bill joined the Public Service as a member of the Promotions Appeal Board and studied computing at the University of Tasmania. He was also active in several charitable organisations. 
Bill started coming to the Wednesday afternoon group some years ago and has been a regular visitor since then. 
Vale Bill. 
Provided by Richard VK7RO and others 
-------------EMAIL NEWS ONLY ------------------------ 
Non Commercial For Sales & Wanted 
For Sale 
Chris Morgan has for sale the following items due to my health problems: 
1 x 2 meter Yaesu 
1 x Amateur UHF & 70cm Alinco 
1 x CB UHF 80 channels 
1 x switch mode power supply 
And bits and pieces like cable pl-259s and so on 
$200 the lot 
If interested then please phone Chris on 03 6247 1002 
(73, Chris Morgan) 
-------------EMAIL NEWS ONLY ------------------------ 
News from the North West 
North West Tas. Radio & TV Group (NWTR&TVG) 
Club General Meeting. 
The next General meeting of the Club is scheduled for Saturday 4th. August 2018
Members and visitors should note the new venue for Club Meetings:- 
LEVEN DISTRICT SCOUT HEADQUARTERS, 73 Alexander Road, Ulverstone. (northern end of Alexander Road not far from the beach) 
A Google map with directions to the location can be found on the Club Web Site 
The Club once again thanks the District Leven Scout Association for making their facility available free of charge to conduct Club Meetings, projects and activities. 
This is in recognition of the Club's assistance with the Scouts in helping them achieve their many endeavors within Scouting & general electronics including Amateur Radio. 
As usual, an open invitation is extended to all members & friends to attend. 
Club Name Tags. 
The long awaited name tags for members are definitely now available and should be available by the next meeting. 
Members will need to attend meetings to pick one up... SO.. what better reason do you need to attend a meeting? 
Note that the Name Kits have finally arrived and WILL/SHOULD be available for members attending the meeting on 4th. June. 
73 until next time 
Tony VK7AX - News Officer 
News from the North 
SOTA and WWFF Parks and Reserves Group 
Meeting times are from 10:30am on Monday and Friday At Glebe Gardens Cafe, 166 Henry St, Launceston
For more details contact Al on Mobile: 0417 354 410. 
73, Al, VK7AN 
As promised a report on the NTARC working bee that took place Saturday 30 June. Ironically it would appear we had a working bee to mark the end of the 2017/18 financial year. Whether or not that was a factor, we had a great roll up of members and one visitor along for the event. 
First, I will begin by thanking all that gave up their day to come along and help us out; Idris VK7ZIR, André VK7ZAB, Peter VK7KPC, Trevor VK7TB, Norm VK7KTN, Kevin VK7KJL, Stefan VK7ZSB, Nic VK7BEE, Peter VK7PD, Brendan VK7VIP, James VK7FJAM, Simon VK7FRSM, Yvonne VK7FYMX, Ros (ncs), Lorraine (ncs) and visitor Colin. I hope I haven’t missed anyone. I am typing this up from memory a week later so if I have forgotten anybody, my apologies. 
I can assure all that it was a hive of activity. Fires in both halls had been lit earlier in the morning by Ros. I’m sure Peter VK7KPC and Norm were very grateful for that, as they spent their time in the otherwise chilly main hall continuing with the cataloguing of all those lovely donated components. In the small hall, the cabling team of André, Kevin and Simon were busily running the cables to the security system and finishing off jobs they had started at the previous working bee. Simon had been allocated the ceiling jobs, one of the disadvantages of the being smallest of the team, but he was able to manoeuvre his way through the ceiling cavity. 
Brendan had been given the job of fixing up the massive gap in the wall in the ladie's toilet. It seems that many years ago, bricks had been removed to allow the hot water pipes to be installed but had never been put back. Brendan busied himself chipping out the balance of the bricks and then neatly inserted some matching bricks and mortared them into place. The lady members are very thankful as it did get quite chilly in there. Mind you, it discouraged undue lingering. Brendan went further, forever endearing himself in the heart of the ladies, by inserting a screw into the masonry so that a mirror can be eventually hung. 
The other working party of Stefan, Nic, James and Colin put their carpentry skills into good use and reinstalled the missing plinths under the blue cupboards that house part of our library. I can assure you there was much measuring, cutting, nailing and glueing, amidst plenty of frivolity, jokes and other comments, all of which were of considerable interest to the rest of us as we passed through on our own particular tasks. 
Ros busied herself measuring up the windows in the side rooms to make up new curtains, ready for their installation at a future working bee. In between all these activities much floor sweeping occurred and the toilets received an unseasonal spring clean. 
Trevor VK7TB was in the radio room using his VNA to measure the characteristics of our antennas and in particular, any degradation that may have resulted from the latest downpour of water. I understand that he found some, suggesting all may not be watertight in our feeder systems. 
While all this was going on, Idris had been given a shopping list so off to Bunnings he went. No surprises there. I have always found that it doesn’t take much to convince a man to spend time at Bunnings and as VK7FLAK is prone to observe, no job is really complete until it has required three trips to Bunnings. Mind you, I must confess I love shopping at Bunnings too, and I don’t think it is necessarily because of the sausage sizzles. 
A BBQ lunch of sausages, hamburgers and onions was cooked up by Lorraine and Yvonne. This was well received by all, nothing like a burger or sausage with onion in bread. No, I don’t know whether Idris had gone into training for this part of the working bee agenda, while down the road at Bunnings but the odds are so short I doubt that I could get any bets were such a book to be opened. 
A number of the working party had to leave early but I have been told that by 3.30 most had departed the scene. All in all, it was another successful day but the rain hampered us so no roof top working on the aerials could be done. Oh well something for the list for the next one. Again, thanks to all. 
The following is courtesy of Idris VK7ZIR and he advises as follows:- 
Update Wednesday 4th Technical session 
“At this week’s Tech session, we were treated to an impromptu presentation. 
The evening started off with our intrepid team of Kevin VK7KJL and Simon VK7FSRM connecting up another donated computer ready for configuration. Unfortunately, this one didn’t want to work at all. The only thing that happened was the fan gave a few turns and stopped. No amount of terminal checking and wire wiggling would bring it to life. So, the very disappointed team packed up and we are hoping for another candidate next week. Bad luck chaps! 
Peter VK7KPC continued with his cataloguing the capacitors in our component collection, announcing a final tally of around 132,000 of different values. He then set up his laptop and aircraft tracking system to monitor the movements of an aircraft into Northern airspace, one of which was involved in the ongoing interference to repeater VK7RAA. 
We had a visitor from Melbourne. Colin, a friend of some of our members, who was visiting family over here and tagged along to see what went on. Colin, a previous resident of Tasmania, has had a very varied career in television operations both here in Tassie and in Sydney and Melbourne. His time in Tasmania was spent mainly at Southern Cross TV in Launceston, and many of his colleagues were known to our members. 
So, everyone gathered around the main table, coffee cups in hand, with the wood fire providing cheerful warmth, and listened with great interest to stories and technical facts about the earlier days of TV in Tasmania. 
Many funny events were recounted, along with the occasional joke and shaggy dog story from Ebenezer VK7AT. 
So, not such a technical night, but a very enjoyable one which continued on quite late before we all headed home.” 
Thanks Idris for that update and isn’t that what amateur radio is about. 
NTARC news continued…… 
Repeater Difficulties 
The recent and ongoing bouts of bad weather have led to that most dreaded outcome of remote repeater operation from a non-mains powered site - inadequate solar energy reaching our repeater site on Mt Arthur to get the batteries above their float level. Coupled with relatively heavy radio traffic over preceding days, this had led to a systems failure. Our Assistant Repeater Officer, Paul VK7KPA, had been monitoring the situation, as we reported a couple of weeks ago, and continued to do so until the data link failed during the week. 
This necessitated a hurried trip up the mountain by that intrepid pair, David VK7JD and Tony VK7YBG to investigate. As feared, they found the batteries to have fallen to a voltage that was too low for the controller to allow recovery. They therefore switched off all the radios and temporarily connected up a generator and charger. Once this temporary fix had brought the batteries back up to 10.3 Volts, the solar controller was reconnected and allowed to resume its task of bringing up the charge. It did this slowly, given the heavy overcast but it did reach 11.0 Volts, at which point David and Tony reconnected some repeaters and then left the mountain top. Unfortunately, the heavy cloud cover continued and the repeaters failed again. 
The following day Tony VK7YBG returned to the mountain, accompanied by Colin VK7ZCF. Again, the batteries were found to have fallen below the point that the solar controller can handle. Again, the temporary fix of the generator and charger were deployed but a modification was also made to power the Raspberry Pi and its RF link, so that battery level and charging could again be monitored by Paul VK7ZPA. The decision was then taken to turn off all the repeaters and to leave them all off until such time as a satisfactory level of charge can be registered. 
This may well mean that it becomes necessary to leave the repeaters off for an extended period, or perhaps selectively return them to service for specific periods, such as the weekly Sunday broadcasts etc. Alternatively, it may prove necessary to temporarily discontinue some ancillary re-broadcasts or the RAOTC monthly broadcast over the remainder of winter. Drastic action, we appreciate, but these are trying times and we are entirely in the hands of the weather gods in this regard. We will try to keep all informed of developments as they occur. 
Meanwhile, plans to augment our solar charging system with a wind generator are being accelerated but of course, actually being able to get one deployed on the mountain will itself be determined by the weather. 
I’m sure all listeners will join with us in extending our heartfelt thanks to Tony, David and Colin for their efforts on the mountain in what have been appalling weather conditions and to Paul for taking on the charge monitoring role. 
Now onto Coming events 
Technical sessions –Wednesday 11 July from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm, at the Club room Archer Street, Rocherlea. 
Future events 
July BBQ Meeting – final reminder that our July meeting will be held on Saturday 14th. BBQ to commence at noon, Meeting to commence at 14:00 hours. The meeting will be followed by a Show and Tell so why not bring along some of those projects that have been completed or close to completing, maybe something you have been progressing at the Wednesday Technical sessions, for all to view and of course “admire” – I’m told that is tech-speak for making comment, either supportive or otherwise. 
Afternoon tea will follow on from this. The cost of the BBQ is $10.00 pp and that covers the meat and other goodies that we provide and of course, also covers afternoon tea later in the day. Donations of salads and other fare to share at the BBQ as well as afternoon tea will also be gratefully appreciated, as always. 
Equine event – The Jill Sheean Memorial Ride is rapidly approaching the due date of Saturday July 21. This will be a one day event. Once again, Base Comms and checkpoints will be required for the 80km, 40km and 20 km rides. As this is a day ride, it is a good chance to pop up to Sassafras and see what happens first hand. Additional support is always welcome and this is an open invitation to any amateurs who may like to assist. More information of this event will be provided as we get closer and as further details become available from the organisers. Our Safety Communications Officer Norm VK7KTN can be contacted by email at 
Future events 
As many of our members will be aware, we traditionally hold an additional non-meeting mid-winter social night catch up dinner each year, probably to reassure each other that things will get better and the temperatures improve. Why? Well why not? It has generally worked every year to date, even without any contribution from global warming, so why discard a successful formula. This year, the event will be held on Wednesday 22 August. As in previous years, the venue will be Steve’s Bar and Grill, Launceston. Meet time 6.30 pm for dinner 7.00 pm. Yes, I am pushing this early so why not note your diaries and join us on the night. This catch up dinner has proved very successful for many years. 
Coffee mornings – are held every Monday and Friday in the NTARC Club rooms. Catch up time is from 10.00 am to noon
Please remember that aside from the good company, freely offered philosophical views, maybe less than expert political analysis, tall tales and genuinely good fare on offer, these coffee events are normally a good opportunity to collect your QSL cards. Herman the State QSL Manager popped into the club last Monday and handed over a big pile of cards. Some have already been distributed but we do have some cards awaiting collection so why not call in and see if any belong to you on a Monday or Friday
Please demonstrate your appreciation of all the effort that goes into operating the club and its facilities and other services we provide by joining us at these sessions, enjoying the company, coffee and the cake and leaving a gold coin or two, or even a small bank note, in the jar to assist in our on-going operations. 
As always, I look forward to seeing you all at Rocherlea. A reminder to all members that if you have any items of news you would like added to the weekly roundup, then please email me at either of the following addresses or 
73, Yvonne VK7FYMX, Secretary NTARC Incorporated 
Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania Incorporated. 
REAST Repeater Update: 
Reminder of the upgrade of the R2 VK7RAD Domain repeater. The ageing Philips 814 has been removed from service after many years and replaced with a 2 rack unit Spectra Engineering MX-800. This is the first stage of the REAST Repeater upgrades and has now freed up rack space to make way for the upcoming installation of a digital repeater. Feedback around the audio and signal quality have already proven to be very positive. Just a reminder, you can access the repeater on 146.7MHz, with a minus 600khz offset and a 141.3HZ CTCSS tone. The CW ident and tail can be eliminated if you also program a 141.3HZ CTCSS decode on your 2m radio. 
73, Damien, VK7SD, REAST Repeater Coordinator 
REAST have acquired a good supply of GD 77 handheld DMR radios to pass on to its members at a great price. The radios will be pre-configured for instant use on both the digital and analogue networks around VK with the latest firmware installed. These are the latest edition of this radio however contrary to the previous broadcasts, the supplier may or may not be able to supply on an ongoing basis the white on black screens, they may be black on white. Rest assured that these are the very latest genuine GD77 radios. Each radio comes with 1 x Dual Band High Gain Antenna,1 x Belt Clip,1 x USB Port Desktop Charger,1 x Battery,1 x Manual,1 x Free programming Cable and an endless amount of support from club members. The REAST member price is $120 which includes the radio as mentioned and the benefits of many dozens of hours of research and development to ensure your radio will have the very latest features and ready to use on delivery. 
To secure your radio all we ask that you put down a $20 deposit and the balance paid on collection. The first batch is in transit so you have a couple of weeks or so to put your coins together for the final payment but to secure your radio please pay your deposit ASAP to the REAST account in the same method that memberships are paid including your callsign and the word DMR or get in touch with a committee member to grab your deposit from you. 
Non REAST members can purchase these with all the same benefits of the latest firmware and features and ongoing support for $130 
This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of your membership and grab yourself a great little radio. 
Update! As of 1 July 2018 eBay purchases will attract a 10% GST for imported goods, which these radios generally are. Clayton, VK7ZCR our super intrepid DMR radio man and Vice president has acquired another batch of these radios just before the cut off. The first batch that is well and truly in transit have been spoken for however this is your opportunity to take advantage of this already beaut deal and save a further 10% on next week's purchase price. 
Upcoming sales 
Just a heads up that there will be an online auction in the very near future of many and varied items. This will be opened up to REAST members. Emails will be sent out this week with more information to members. As this auction is essentially a way of raising funds for your club to enhance the services available to members, if you have any item you wish to donate to this auction, please get in touch with Larry as soon as possible, your generosity will certainly be appreciated. Email links are available from the REAST website. 
Considering the events that happen weekly at the club, the discounts available at Jaycar and Active Electronics as well as the ability to buy equipment at club member rates and enjoy online auctions, why not consider renewing or joining REAST. It certainly is $35 well spent. 
So, keep an eye on your inbox for more information regarding upcoming events and activities including the mentioned auction in the coming week. 

73's, REAST Committee 
Experimenter's Night 
Huge roll-up and it was great to see Jamie, George and Sam along. These guys are keen to do the Foundation Licence course and assessment and it's looking like mid to late July as a possible date. It was also great to see Mike VK7MJ along for the night, up from Woodbridge. 
Murray VK7ZMS tested his notebook as a controller for the club rig FT991 and planning was well underway for the Remembrance Day contest. On ya Murray.. 
Martin VK7MA was showing off his surface mount re-working skills with a great little hot air unit that is very portable. 
Richard VK7ZBX and Justin VK7TW both brought along their 10GHz rigs with a view to testing them. After some head scratching and reconfiguring we came to the conclusion that Justin's recently converted white box transverter may be a little deaf. However, everything else checked out and the GPS locking was working with both LO rigs on 144.100 and no we tested to see if it was an LO contact and it wasn't...HIHI. There is another Preamplifer and Power Amplifier to install and this should complete the conversion. There will be pictures of each rig posted on the REAST facebook page very soon. 
That Pye rig that Jamie bought along and donated last week with the interesting turret tuning arrangement - was a source of interest with the WAGs - Wednesday Afternoon Group - Dave Marsland VK7DM had worked on these rigs and knew all about them and what went wrong with them...HIHI. 
All is set for the auction and many people on the night were eyeing off the many items to be raffled. 
See you this Wednesday night from 7:30pm for another Experimenter's night in the Queen's Domain clubrooms. 
73, Justin, VK7TW 
REAST Foundation Training 
The next assessment day will be 3rd Saturday of August and then every second month. That is February, April, June, August, October and December. Check out the REAST Website or Facebook page for events. 
The next one is on 18 August 2018 and if you are interested in attending then please contact Reg on email or phone mobile 0417 391 607. 
73, Reg, VK7KK 
Transforming Greater Launceston with a digital twin 
PSMA Australia 
(abbreviated a little) 
Digital city models built on world-class analytical data are enabling area activation, evidence-informed decision-making and enhanced community engagement. 
Powerful 2D and 3D digital modelling, including new simulation capabilities, is providing strategic insight for the four local councils participating in the Greater Launceston Transformation Project (GLTP) — a collaborative endeavour of the Tasmanian State Government; the University of Tasmania; the cities of Launceston, Meander Valley, West Tamar and Georgetown; and industry partners. 
The aim of the project is to reinvigorate the heart of the city to develop a vibrant and liveable Greater Launceston region. 
Sara Bennett, co-owner and Managing Director of analytics firm "Sensing Value" said “Greater Launceston is embracing the future of strategic planning through its use of emerging data and 3D simulation technologies, generating insights that will also support the initiatives of the new regional innovation ecosystem.” 
Sensing Value was established in 2014 to provide businesses and governments with dynamic intelligence about how people use spaces. 
During two years of project scoping, and now through implementation, the company is layering datasets and providing visual representations of entire land areas to help local councils tackle long-term issues concerning social equity, educational attainment and economic opportunity. 
It’s a perfect example of how to go beyond static, standalone GIS images to create highly analysable, accurate data that can support productive and realistic decision-making. 
At the heart of the solution is PSMA Australia’s Geoscape product, which provides accessible location data for every address in Australia. 
Before the arrival of Geoscape, reliable and accurate geospatial models of Australia’s built environment were very expensive and difficult to efficiently produce for regional areas. Now, with the availability of Geoscape, geospatial data including building footprints and heights, tree coverage and surface cover can seamlessly combine with other data and technology to accurately represent regions such as those in the Greater Launceston area. 
The modelling for Greater Launceston is helping governments at all levels develop realistic and sustainable planning rules, land use criteria, transport and amenities. At a glance, simulations allow decisions to be made based on evidence. 
“Geoscape is compatible with 3D building facade structure data, which enables a superior visual experience, providing an effective way of demonstrating concepts and engaging with the community,” said Bennett. 
While other cities have built 3D visualisations, the Greater Launceston Transformation Project is the first in Australia to offer a full regional virtualisation, dynamically modelled on a range of factors, including energy consumption, people movement, land use and the environment. Importantly, the 3D models enable interaction between the four local councils for better regional planning, perspective and resource sharing. 
Sensing Value’s 2D and 3D visualisation and projection analysis, using PSMA Australia’s Geoscape and other sources of data, is providing the Greater Launceston Transformation Project partners with actionable intelligence on: 
public space usage 
current and proposed developments 
traffic and parking 
energy consumption 
water supply and disposal 
air pollution and noise 
environmental quality 
population patterns 
emergency responses. 
Regular VK7 gatherings and events over the coming months: 
Regular gatherings: 
SOTA Group – Monday and Friday Coffee Sessions from 10:30am at Glebe Gardens Cafe 166 Henry St, Launceston 
NTARC - Monday and Friday Coffee Sessions from 10am in clubrooms and technical sessions – Wednesdays from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm Archer Street, Rocherlea, Launceston. 
REAST – Wednesday Afternoon Group meets from Noon then the Experimenters Night from 7:30pm in the Queens Domain clubrooms, Hobart. 
REAST – MICROWAVE QSO Party – following after the Sunday broadcast on 1296.1MHz FM. 
NTARC – 14 July - BBQ Meeting from noon and meeting from 14:00 hours. Clubrooms Archer St Rocherlea Launceston. 
NWTAR&TVG – 4 August - General meeting at Leven District Scout Headquarters, 73 Alexander Road, Ulverstone. 
WICEN (South) – 14 July – 18:30 - AGM, general meeting and dinner – back room, Ocean Child Inn - 86 Argyle St – Hobart 
(opposite Fire Station). 
VK7 – 17 November – Miena Hamfest – Miena Community Hall 
A reminder to those people rostered for next week’s broadcasts: 
Newsreader: VK7ZIR 
Repeaters: REAST, NTARC and NWTR&TVG 
80m: VK7FB 
40m: VK7TPE 
20m: VK7JGD 
10m: VK7VKT 
DMR: VK7RCR Channel 3807 
This broadcast is repeated on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RTC in the South and VK7RAA in the North. 
Thanks to all people and organisations that assisted with this broadcast. 
That concludes our VK7 Regional News Broadcast for this week. 
Next week the National WIA news can be heard at 0900 followed by the VK7 Regional News at 0930 hours. 
Items for the broadcast can be emailed to 
Please note all, this is now the address for news items for the VK7 Regional News. 
Further information about the broadcast can be found at the VK7 Regional News Yahoo Group. 
The deadline for items is 21:00 on Friday prior to the Sunday of the broadcast. 
VK7WI is now closing but will reopen shortly for callbacks and relay reports. Callbacks will be taken on the frequency to which you are listening. 
Relay stations will use their own callsigns during the callback. 
From the VK7 Regional News, it is 73 from Justin, VK7TW 

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