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VK7 REGIONAL NEWS BROADCAST FOR SUNDAY 15 JULY 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------- <Following the WIA National Broadcast after short break>
Welcome to the VK7 Regional News for the 15th July 2018. This broadcast is brought to you by VK7WI, and read today by Idris, VK7ZIR.
This broadcast utilises repeaters around VK7 and the following HF rebroadcast stations:
On 3.670 MHz by Mike, VK7FB
On 7.140 MHz by Peter, VK7TPE
On 14.130 MHz by Garry, VK7JGD and
On 28.525 MHz by Tony, VK7VKT
On 438.525MHz VK7RCR DMR Channel 3807 VK7 News only from 0930 - 1000 by Clayton, VK7ZCR
This broadcast is repeated on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RTC in the South and VK7RAA in the North.
---------------------------------------------------------- -------------EMAIL NEWS ONLY ------------------------ Non Commercial For Sales & Wanted For Sale Chris Morgan has for sale the following items due to my health problems:
1 x 2 meter Yaesu
1 x Amateur UHF & 70cm Alinco
1 x CB UHF 80 channel
1 x switch mode power supply
2 x Antennas UHF & 2meters
2 x hand helds 2 meter & 70cm
And bits and pieces $300 the lot. Not sold separately.
If interested then please phone Chris VK7FCLM on 03 6247 1002
(73, Chris, VK7FCLM)
-------------EMAIL NEWS ONLY ------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------- Broadcast News Correction – DMR Repeater Frequency Last week the frequency in the Broadcast for VK7RCR DMR was incorrect.
The correct frequency for VK7RCR in Lenah Valley in the South is Rx: 433.525MHz and Tx: 438.525MHz.
Even if you cannot directly receive the VK7RCR repeater but have a DMR radio connected via a hotspot or other repeater, then just select talk group 3807 and you will be able to hear the VK7 Regional News Broadcast from 9:30am.
Apologies for any confusion.
(73, Clayton, VK7ZCR)
---------------------------------------------------------- News from the North West North West Tas. Radio & TV Group (NWTR&TVG)
Club General Meeting. The next General meeting of the Club is scheduled for Saturday 4th. August 2018.
Members and visitors should note the new venue for Club Meetings:-
LEVEN DISTRICT SCOUT HEADQUARTERS, 73 Alexander Road, Ulverstone. (northern end of Alexander Road not far from the beach)
A Google map with directions to the location can be found on the Club Web Site
The Club once again thanks the District Leven Scout Association for making their facility available free of charge to conduct Club Meetings, projects and activities.
This is in recognition of the Club's assistance with the Scouts in helping them achieve their many endeavors within Scouting & general electronics including Amateur Radio.
As usual, an open invitation is extended to all members & friends to attend.
------------- Club Name Tags. The long awaited name tags for members are definately now available and should be available by the next meeting.
Members will need to attend meetings to pick one up... SO.. what better reason do you need to attend a meeting?
Note that the Name Kits have finally arrived and WILL/SHOULD be available for members attending the meeting on 4th. June.
------------- New Foundation Call heard on air. Listeners may recall a few weeks ago, 12 students in the North West, including scouts, youth & adults successfully passed their Foundation Assessments .
It was pleasing to have a QSO with Rhys VK7FORD recently, who was trying out his newly erected antenna at his home QTH.
The antenna is a 2M/70Cm dual band "flower Pot" Vertical which was made at a Club Antenna Building Day a few months ago.
Welcome to the amateur bands Rhys, and hopefully we will hear some additional new calls in the near future.
73 until next time
Tony VK7AX - News Officer NWTR&TVG
---------------------------------------------------------- News from the North SOTA and WWFF Parks and Reserves Group Meeting times are from 10:30am on Monday and Friday At Glebe Gardens Cafe, 166 Henry St, Launceston.
For more details contact Al on Mobile: 0417 354 410.
(73, Al, VK7AN)
---------------------------- Northern Tasmanian Amateur Radio Club Incorporated As this segment was penned a day prior to our July BBQ meeting held yesterday, I will provide you with a report in next week’s news. In the interim, we can lead off this week by bringing all up to speed on the maintenance carried out on the Mt Arthur repeater site. Over to our Repeater Officer, Tony VK7YBG:
“Mt Arthur is back online, as you have no doubt heard it on air. Paul VK7KPA and David VK7JD carried out much hard work and the site is now equipped with a wind generator so our available power input has increased considerably.
Last Saturday the 7th brought us a quite chilly but fine start to the day. Dave got me to meet him in town where a suitable wind generator was obtained, then after picking up Paul VK7KPA we headed up the mountain and were greeted by patches of snow along the way.
Once on site (2 degrees C at this point) we started the generator, connected up the chargers (yes, I ran 2 this time) with the bigger of them having a homemade halogen globe resistance inline to current limit it.
David and Paul set about removing VK7RJG 70cms antenna from its pole so the wind generator could live there for now. After assembly and some cable joining it went together and up on the pole fairly quickly. Once connected it started to produce power and once the bearings run in, it should be able to produce approximately 400 watts on a good windy day.
While we were on site the clouds parted and the solar system started producing a good charge even in the latter part of the afternoon. Ironically, the wind then slowed, well what else would you expect to happen once a wind generator was fitted?
After a bit of a search in the boxes I couldn’t locate an N to BNC adapter to put VK7RJG on the spare antenna so I “stole” one off the Wires X system temporarily and put the repeater online. With the batteries boosted, solar plus wind power online and VK7RJG back on air, a quick test of the repeaters was carried out and all showed as good so we locked up. By this time it had warmed up to a balmy 4 degrees C so we headed down the mountain.
A brief summary of works carried out: VK7RJG on 70 cms is online but with temporarily reduced coverage until its original antenna goes back on a pole.. The Wires-X repeater is offline until we fit another adapter. All other equipment online as usual.
Many thanks go to David VK7JD, Paul VK7KPA and Colin VK7ZCF for their hard work restoring the Mt Arthur site to an operational state again and given the upgrade, we have now lowered the chances of a heavy battery discharge state happening again.
Tony Eagling VK7YBG, NTARC Northern Repeater Officer”
On behalf of all NTARC members and other amateurs that utilise this repeater network, I’m sure I can also extend a big thank you to Tony, David, Paul and Colin for all their effort and hard work over the past couple of weeks. Considering the poor weather conditions, all this was no mean feat to accomplish.
---------------------------- YOU ARE LISTENING TO VK7WI AND THIS IS THE VK7 REGIONAL NEWS BROADCAST ---------------------------- Report on Wednesday 12th Technical session – “We start off this week with some good news. Our team of Kevin VK7KJL and Simon VK7FSRM have finally cracked it and been successful in fully configuring a PC. After all the past frustrations with dead power supplies, crook motherboards, software failures, bad RAM and anything else that could go wrong with the donated computers, they have a working machine that Simon can use. Congratulations boys, your perseverance has paid off.
Also on the subject of computers, Norm VK7KTN was busily updating Linux Mint on one of our Club machines.
Ross VK7ALH brought in his recently acquired Mullard No: 7 military antenna coupler which was in very good condition. Taking it out of its case revealed a pristine roller inductor and switchgear. Everyone was impressed with its smoothness of operation and the high standard of build quality. This was a piece of equipment made to take a lot of punishment.
Ross also presented John VK7FJFD with his rebuilt power supply. Ross had remounted all the components in a larger diecast case, and added filters and better switches, as well as improved cooling with extra fans. John has since reported that the power supply is extremely quiet RF wise, a far cry from its previous stock condition.
Kevin VK7HKN set up his Toughbook laptop and was programming a QYT mobile radio recently acquired by Kerry VK7PAK. Very small and a pretty blue colour. (HiHi)
Peter VK7KPC continued his construction of a return loss bridge, now only waiting on an SMA bulkhead connector for completion.
And Bernie VK7BR spent some time in the radio shack hoping for contacts on 7 Mhz.
As always, the fire was warm and cheerful, and the coffee lubricated many different conversations late into the evening.”
Thanks Idris for that update. Very pleasing to see the cold hasn’t deterred members and visitors from attending.
---------------------------- An item of topical interest – Member Nic VK7BEE advises that he is a member of a chat group with the Ballarat Amateur Radio Group BARG. He thought the following may be of interest to other amateurs.
“Subject: [Chatter] Ham radio technology used in Thailand cave rescue
UK radio amateur John Hey G3TDZ (SK) designed the special low frequency radio equipment, the Heyphone, used in the recent cave rescue in Thailand.
On Facebook Phil Karn KA9Q posted the following:
Naturally I got interested in the technical aspects of the cave rescue in Thailand, particularly communications. They used the "Heyphone", a voice radio designed by a UK radio ham, John Hey, G3TDZ, as open-source hardware specifically for cave rescues. It uses upper (single) sideband voice on 87 kilohertz in the VLF (very low frequency) band. (That's what it says -- 87 kHz is actually LF).
The "antenna" consists of two stakes driven into the ground about 20m apart. Enough of the current between them fringes outward to couple to another antenna up to a few hundred meters away (or down).
John Hey passed away in 2016 so he didn't get to see his work used here. But ham radio should get some of the credit.
Phil Karn KA9Q
John Hey G3TDZ Heyphone Cave Rescue Communication System
Al Williams WD5GNR has written an article on Hackaday about the cave equipment. “
Thanks for that item, Nick. It was certainly the big news story of the week and it is gratifying to learn of the role that amateur radio played in the development of the equipment involved. I am aware that there has been Australian amateur radio experimentation with VLF and LF use in underground communications, including work done by a group associated with Dimitris VK2COW, who today gave a brief summary of their work to all on the Canberra club mailing list, including the news that the Australian LF allocation at 137 KHz for Advanced licencees is well suited to such work, notwithstanding the miniscule 1 watt ERP limit. The OM also recalls having discussions many, many years ago on the subject with Ron VK7RM, a keen speleologist in his day.. The 137 KHz allocation would undoubtedly have been of benefit back then, Ron?
---------------------------- Now onto Coming events Technical sessions –Wednesday 18 July from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm, at the Club room Archer Street, Rocherlea.
August General Meeting – to be held on Wednesday 8th august at the clubrooms, Archer Street Rocherlea. An evening meeting, to commence at 7.30 pm. Further information will be provided as we get closer to the date but please note your diaries in the interim.
Equine event – final reminder that the Jill Sheean Memorial Ride is happening on Saturday July 21. This will be a one day event. Once again, Base Comms and checkpoints will be required for the 80km, 40km and 20 km rides. As this is a day ride, it is a good chance to pop up to Sassafras and see what happens first hand. Additional support is always welcome and this is an open invitation to any amateurs who may like to assist and a great activity for amateurs to utilise their radio skills under the guidance of NTARC members who have many events like this under their belt, also a great way of assisting a community group activity. If you would like to know more and would be interested in assisting then our Safety Communications Officer Norm VK7KTN can be contacted by email at
---------------------------- Future events As many of our members will be aware, we traditionally hold an additional non-meeting mid-winter social night catch up dinner each year, probably to reassure each other that things will get better and the temperatures improve. Why? Well why not? It has generally worked every year to date, even without any contribution from global warming, so why discard a successful formula. This year, the event will be held on Wednesday 22 August. As in previous years, the venue will be Steve’s Bar and Grill, Launceston. Meet time 6.30 pm for dinner 7.00 pm. Yes, I am pushing this early so why not note your diaries and join us on the night. This catch up dinner has proved very successful for many years.
Coffee mornings – are held every Monday and Friday in the NTARC Club rooms. Catch up time is from 10.00 am to noon.
Please remember that aside from the good company, freely offered philosophical views, maybe less than expert political analysis, tall tales and genuinely good fare on offer, these coffee events are normally a good opportunity to collect your QSL cards and we do have some cards awaiting collection so why not call in and see if any belong to you on a Monday or Friday.
Please demonstrate your appreciation of all the effort that goes into operating the club and its facilities and other services we provide by joining us at these sessions, enjoying the company, coffee and the cake and leaving a gold coin or two, or even a small bank note, in the jar to assist in our on-going operations.
---------------------------- Finally As always I look forward to seeing you all at Rocherlea. A reminder to all members that if you have any items of news you would like added to the weekly roundup, then please email me at either of the following addresses or
73, Yvonne VK7FYMX, Secretary
---------------------------------------------------------- SOUTHERN NEWS Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania Incorporated.
DMR RADIOS REAST have acquired a good supply of GD 77 handheld DMR radios to pass on to its members at a great price. The radios will be pre-configured for instant use on both the digital and analogue networks around VK with the latest firmware installed. These are the latest edition of this radio however contrary to the previous broadcasts, the supplier may or may not be able to supply on an ongoing basis the white on black screens, they may be black on white. Rest assured that these are the very latest genuine GD77 radios. Each radio comes with 1 x Dual Band High Gain Antenna,1 x Belt Clip,1 x USB Port Desktop Charger,1 x Battery,1 x Manual,1 x Free programming Cable and an endless amount of support from club members. The REAST member price is $120 which includes the radio as mentioned and the benefits of many dozens of hours of research and development to ensure your radio will have the very latest features and ready to use on delivery.
To secure your radio all we ask that you put down a $20 deposit and the balance paid on collection. The first batch is in transit so you have a couple of weeks or so to put your coins together for the final payment but to secure your radio please pay your deposit ASAP to the REAST account in the same method that memberships are paid including your callsign and the word DMR or get in touch with a committee member to grab your deposit from you.
Non REAST members can purchase these with all the same benefits of the latest firmware and features and ongoing support for $130
This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of your membership and grab yourself a great little radio.
Update! As of 1 July 2018 eBay purchases will attract a 10% GST for imported goods, which these radios generally are. Clayton, VK7ZCR our super intrepid DMR radio man and Vice president has acquired another batch of these radios just before the cut off. The first batch that is well and truly in transit have been spoken for however this is your opportunity to take advantage of this already beaut deal and save a further 10% on next week's purchase price.
------------------------- YOU ARE LISTENING TO VK7WI AND THIS IS THE VK7 REGIONAL NEWS BROADCAST ---------------------------------------------------------- REAST Equipment Tender Now Open As part of work to clean up the Clubroom, a number of surplus items are being made available for sale by tender to financial REAST members.
The catalog of items for tender is available in the members and the link can be found on the email edition of this broadcast.
There is also a paper copy on display for members in the Clubroom.
The Tender will close on midnight Monday the 30th of July, with emails sent to the successful bidders shortly afterwards.
Further details on how to bid are included on the cover page of the tender catalog. If you have any questions please email for further details.
(Sean, VK7FAZE, President - REAST)
------------------------- Experimenters Night Another cram packed night of experimenting.
It was great to see Mark VK7FZZY along from New Norfolk.
Murray VK7ZMS and Richard VK7ZBX were working on getting their laptop to talk to the radio via USB to supply the Push to Talk function. This is in preparation for the Remembrance Day contest. The small interface was neatly mounted in a 3D printed case and Murray was battling with FLDigi configuration to run RTTY.
Richard and Justin VK7TW had their 10GHz rigs in the clubrooms for testing.. Justin found during the week that the Local Oscillator level issue that he had last week was caused by the bias resistor on one of the MMIC amplifiers was not actually connected to a voltage source and therefore he was getting unity gain from the device...HIHI. Voltage was applied and suddenly the transverter came to life. Tests were undertaken and confirmed that receiver sensitivity and transmitter power were both back to normal. Justin and Richard were intending to undertake some real-world tests using Mr Wellington as a reflector over this weekend.
John Wallis VK7FJPA, Martin VK7MA and Trent VK7HRS were testing some general coverage receivers that John bought along. The first was a Realistic DX320 and the other was a Bearcat DX-1000. The Bearcat was a particularly interesting receiver as it has a huge number of buttons and displays. Both receivers checked out and John went away a happy chappy.
There was some activity in the DATV studio with sorting through the equipment and working out what to keep and what to sell. We now have a future plan for the DATV Studio with SDI and using Open Broadcaster Studio so we are working toward reaching that goal.
We get back underway with our Experimenter's Night this Wednesday night from 7:30pm. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more information.
See you there
(73, Justin, VK7TW)
-------------------------- REAST Foundation Training It looks like we have at least three people interested in a Foundation Licence session on the last Saturday of July – 28th.
If you are interested in this Foundation Licence Session then please contact Reg VK7KK.
The next programmed assessment day will be 3rd Saturday of August and then every second month. Check out the REAST Website or Facebook page for events.
So if you are interested in the 28th July or 18th August 2018 then please contact Reg on email or phone mobile 0417 391 607.
(73, Reg, VK7KK)
---------------------------------------------------------- Regular VK7 gatherings and events over the coming months:
Regular gatherings: SOTA Group – Monday and Friday Coffee Sessions from 10:30am at Glebe Gardens Cafe 166 Henry St, Launceston
NTARC - Monday and Friday Coffee Sessions from 10am in clubrooms and technical sessions – Wednesdays from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm Archer Street, Rocherlea, Launceston.
REAST – Wednesday Afternoon Group meets from Noon then the Experimenters Night from 7:30pm in the Queens Domain clubrooms, Hobart.
REAST – MICROWAVE QSO Party – following after the Sunday broadcast on 1296.1MHz FM.
---------------------------------------------------------- Events: NWTAR&TVG – 4 August - General meeting at Leven District Scout Headquarters, 73 Alexander Road, Ulverstone.
NTARC – 8 August - General Meeting from 7:30pm in the clubrooms, Archer Street Rocherlea.
VK – 11-12 August – Remembrance Day Contest
VK7 – 17 November – Miena Hamfest – Miena Community Hall
---------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested in becoming an amateur radio operator or upgrading your licence then we suggest you contact your local club for details and/or take a look at what the Radio and Electronics School has to offer. They have a range of courses that can be delivered through a variety of methods.
They can be found at:
---------------------------------------------------------- A reminder to those people rostered for next week’s broadcasts:
Newsreader: VK7FB
Repeaters: REAST, NTARC and NWTR&TVG
80m: VK7TW
40m: VK7RO
20m: VK7TPE
10m: VK7JGD
DMR (Channel 3807 – VK7 Regional News Only from 9:30am) on VK7RCR: VK7ZCR
---------------------------------------------------------- This broadcast is repeated on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RTC in the South and VK7RAA in the North.
Thanks to all people and organisations that assisted with this broadcast.
---------------------------------------------------------- That concludes our VK7 Regional News Broadcast for this week.
Next week the National WIA news can be heard at 0900 followed by the VK7 Regional News at 0930 hours.
Items for the broadcast can be emailed to
Please note all, this is now the address for news items for the VK7 Regional News.
Further information about the broadcast can be found at the VK7 Regional News Yahoo Group.
The deadline for items is 21:00 on Friday prior to the Sunday of the broadcast.
VK7WI is now closing but will reopen shortly for callbacks and relay reports. Callbacks will be taken on the frequency to which you are listening.
Relay stations will use their own callsigns during the callback.

From the VK7 Regional News, it is 73 from Idris, VK7ZIR

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