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Welcome to the VK7 Regional News for the 22nd July 2018. This broadcast is brought to you by VK7WI, and read today by Mike, VK7FB. 
This broadcast utilises repeaters around VK7 and the following HF rebroadcast stations: 
On 3.670 MHz by Justin, VK7TW 
On 7.140 MHz by Richard, VK7RO 
On 14.130 MHz by Peter, VK7TPE and 
On 28.525 MHz by Gary, VK7JGD 
On 438.525MHz VK7RCR DMR Channel 3807 VK7 News only from 0930 - 1000 by Clayton, VK7ZCR 
This broadcast is repeated on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RTC in the South and VK7RAA in the North. 
-------------EMAIL NEWS ONLY ------------------------ 
Non Commercial For Sales & Wanted 
For Sale 
Chris Morgan has for sale the following items due to my health problems: 
1 x 2 meter Yaesu 
1 x Amateur UHF & 70cm Alinco 
1 x CB UHF 80 channels 
1 x switch mode power supply 
And bits and pieces like cable pl-259s and so on 
$200 the lot 
If interested then please phone Chris on 03 6247 1002 
(73, Chris Morgan) 
-------------EMAIL NEWS ONLY ------------------------ 
News from the North 
SOTA and WWFF Parks and Reserves Group 
Meeting times are from 10:30am on Monday and Friday At Glebe Gardens Cafe, 166 Henry St, Launceston
For more details contact Al on Mobile: 0417 354 410. 
73, Al, VK7AN 
As this news goes to air, many NTARC members will be packing up their kit and heading home after attending the Jill Sheean Memorial Endurance ride held at Sassafras yesterday. I dare say that Norm VK7KTN, our Safety Communications Co-ordinator, will have a report on that event in next week’s news. 
Update July general meeting – Last Saturday we held our July BBQ meeting. The fire had been lit earlier in the morning by Ros and to augment that, the big workshop gas furnace was fired up to bring the main hall up to a balmy temperature of 17 by the time the meeting commenced. 
Considering it was a cold morning, we had an extremely good roll up of 19 for lunch, with our cooks Idris VK7ZIR, André VK7ZAB and Stefan VK7ZSB cooking up the usual variety of meats. Again as usually occurs these days, the meat was accompanied by various salads and hot vegetable dishes, provided by our lady members. The garlic bread seemed particularly popular too. 
The meeting commenced on time at 14:00 hours (2.00pm) and the agenda was quickly worked through with the meeting being closed at 14:20 hours (2.20 pm). Even by recent standards, I think this may have been a record for us. Items for Show and Tell were limited so afternoon tea was set up and general chat took over. We must again thank our lady members for providing the goodies for afternoon tea. 
Given the brevity of the meeting, the minutes shouldn’t take me long to write up, once I recover from babysitting grandchildren over the school holidays and of course, also getting over this weekend’s equine event. 
Report on Wednesday 18th Technical session 
Idris reports….. 
“As the old ditty goes “The night was dark and stormy, the billy goat was blind…..” 
Although this Wednesday night was definitely dark and stormy, we didn’t have to contend with any blind billy goats or barbed wire fences, and so it was a goodly number of hardy souls that rolled up for the weekly tech session. 
First in lit the fire and got the urns going, so by the time others turned up, they could enjoy a hot cuppa and a warm by the fire. 
Ross VK7ALH brought in a Drake T4XB transmitter in beautiful condition. There were many admirers of the quality of the build and the fully copper plated chassis. Of particular interest was the clever mechanical mechanism to operate the band change function, saving space on the chassis. 
Kevin VK7HKN brought his magnetic loop antenna being fed with an FT817. This drew attention from John VK7FJFD and Bernie VK7BR. When tested with an antenna analyser, it was found to be resonant at 7 and 14MHz with almost perfect SWR. 
Flushed with success from last week’s triumph, our intrepid computer team of Kevin VK7KJL and Simon VK7FSRM, decided to tackle six more pre-loved computers. They managed to get two operating from the six, very useful for the Club. Well done again boys! 
Colin VK7ZCF and Peter VK7ZPE were discussing oxy-acetylene containers, no – I don’t quite know why - and Peter VK7PD arrived and was soon discussing our roof mounted antenna system. 
Idris VK7ZIR presented a fine example of a Yaesu FT7. Ross VK7ALH had the cover off quick smart, and proceeded to point out various tips for improvement. Thanks Ross. It was interesting to see the plug-in modular construction in a radio of such age 
Meanwhile, Ebenezer VK7AT, used the signal generator in the Electronic Workshop to test the frequency range of his very nice, pocket sized digital short wave receiver, which exhibited very good selectivity and sensitivity. 
And finally, Stuart VK7FEAT arrived with a very interesting home brewed item, which had everyone talking! 
I will say no more!” 
Thanks Idris for that update. Glad to hear the club room hadn’t been invaded by blind goats! I remember all too well the damage goats can do, don’t I Alvin? You have us wondering what Stuart’s interesting home brewed item was. Guess we will have to be patient and wait for further information but what makes me think it might have been in a familiarly shaped glass container? 
Now on to Coming events… 
Technical sessions –Wednesday 25 July from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm, at the Club room, Archer Street, Rocherlea. Interesting date - now just 5 months to Christmas. 
August General Meeting – to be held on Wednesday 8th August at the clubrooms, Archer Street Rocherlea. An evening meeting, to commence at 19:30 hours (7.30 pm). Show and Tell or a presentation, if we can rustle up one, to follow and then supper. 
Social Dinner 
Wednesday 22 August. As in previous years, the venue will be Steve’s Bar and Grill, Launceston. Meet time 6.30 pm for dinner at 7.00 pm. This catch-up dinner has proved very successful for many years. If you are planning to attend could you please email me at either of the following addresses or or let me know at coffee sessions. A number of people have already advised me of their attendance. 
Future events 
September BBQ meeting to be held on Saturday 8th. BBQ to commence at noon, general meeting to follow at 14:00 hours (2.00pm). We are awaiting confirmation of our guest speaker and we should be able to confirm this in next week’ news. 
Coffee mornings – are held every Monday and Friday in the NTARC Club rooms. Catch up time is from 10.00 am to noon
Please remember that aside from the good company, freely offered philosophical views, maybe less than expert political analysis, tall tales and genuinely good fare on offer, these coffee events are normally a good opportunity to collect your QSL cards and we do have some cards awaiting collection so why not call in and see if any belong to you on a Monday or Friday
Please demonstrate your appreciation of all the effort that goes into operating the club and its facilities and other services we provide by joining us at these sessions, enjoying the company, coffee and the cake and leaving a gold coin or two, or even a small bank note, in the jar to assist in our on-going operations. 
As always, I look forward to seeing you all at Rocherlea. A reminder to all members that if you have any items of news you would like added to the weekly roundup, then please email me at either of the following addresses or 
Yvonne VK7FYMX 
Secretary NTARC Inc 
Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania Incorporated. 
REAST Presentation Evening 
Wednesday 1 August at 7:30pm 
'The Fundamentals of Radio Astronomy' by Mike Groth VK7MJ 
This monthly presentation covers aspects of Radio Astronomy ranging from the development of Radio Astronomy (Karl Jansky and Grote Reber) through to the role of microwave mapping in developing theories of the universe and studies into HF planetary radio emissions from Jupiter. 
Sean Lincolne (VK7FAZE), President - REAST 
REAST have acquired a good supply of GD 77 handheld DMR radios to pass on to its members at a great price. The radios will be pre-configured for instant use on both the digital and analogue networks around VK with the latest firmware installed. These are the latest edition of this radio however contrary to the previous broadcasts, the supplier may or may not be able to supply on an ongoing basis the white on black screens. They may be black on white. Rest assured that these are the very latest genuine GD77 radios. Each radio comes with 1 x Dual Band High Gain Antenna,1 x Belt Clip,1 x USB Port Desktop Charger,1 x Battery,1 x Manual,1 x Free programming Cable and an endless amount of support from club members. The REAST member price is $120 which includes the radio as mentioned and the benefits of many dozens of hours of research and development to ensure your radio will have the very latest features and ready to use on delivery. 
To secure your radio all we ask that you put down a $20 deposit and the balance paid on collection. The first batch is in transit so you have a couple of weeks or so to put your coins together for the final payment but to secure your radio please pay your deposit ASAP to the REAST account in the same method that memberships are paid including your callsign and the word DMR or get in touch with a committee member to grab your deposit from you. 
Non REAST members can purchase these with all the same benefits of the latest firmware and features and ongoing support for $130 
This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of your membership and grab yourself a great little radio. 
As of 1 July 2018 eBay purchases will attract a 10% GST for imported goods, which these radios generally are. Clayton, VK7ZCR, our super intrepid DMR radio man and Vice president, has acquired another batch of these radios just before the cut off. The first batch that is well and truly in transit have been spoken for, however this is your opportunity to take advantage of this already beaut deal, and save a further 10% on future purchase price. 
REAST Equipment Tender Now Open 
As part of work to clean up the Clubroom, a number of surplus items are being made available for sale by tender to financial REAST members. 
The catalogue of items for tender is available in the members section of the REAST web site and the link can be found on the email edition of this broadcast. 
There is also a paper copy on display for members in the Clubroom. 
The Tender will close on midnight Monday the 30th of July, with emails sent to the successful bidders shortly afterwards. 
Further details on how to bid are included on the cover page of the tender catalogue. If you have any questions please email for further details. 
Considering the events that happen weekly at the club, the discounts available at Jaycar and Active Electronics as well as the ability to buy equipment at club member rates and enjoy online auctions, why not consider renewing or joining REAST. It certainly is $35 well spent. 
So, keep an eye on your inbox for more information regarding upcoming events and activities including the mentioned auction in the coming weeks. 
73's, REAST Committee 
Experimenter's Night 
It was windy and wet however this didn't deter people from coming up to the experimenter's night - standing room only again! 
We welcomed Rex VK7MO back to the state after his Grid Square activation extravaganza! Rex has over 150 grid squares on 10GHz EME these days and we came to the conclusion that he is addicted to grid squares. This was after his explanation of what happened after the WIA AGM. Rex commented that he left the Gold Coast and thought, "I'll just do the next grid square" and after that he thought "I'll just do the next grid square". Well Rex then found himself only 30km from the tip of Cape York hihi! Thanks Rex. 
John VK7FPJA bought along a dynamic desk mic that Sam recognised from his Jaycar days and we discussed how to wire it up for use on a rig using the dynamic mike and push to talk. 
Justin VK7TW soldered together a 50 ohm dummy load kit from the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society and this became the door prize for those who attended. This dummy load uses low inductance carbon 3watt resistors and two pieces of PCB that had been drilled to take the 11 times 56 ohm resistors. The finishing touch was a panel mount BNC connector. Paul VK7FPCL was the lucky recipient after Justin gave everyone a number and then found a random number generator on his smart phone. Congratulations Paul. 
Justin then took his homebrew 10GHz low noise preamp apart to try and work through why it was not amplifying. This design was a by a French amateur F6CXO and was published in VHF Communications in 2004 and was featured by Ralph VK3WRE in 2012 at GippsTech. Justin checked the driving and bias voltages and all seemed to check out. It was only when Justin got the unit home that he realised that he had labelled the input and output SMAs the wrong way around! Really must pay more attention next time...HIHI! 
The DATV studio received a good sorting out and we now have a pile of equipment destined for the resource tip shop. 
We get back underway with our experimenter's nights this Wednesday night from 7:30pm so, if you have a project or question then we certainly have answers and a hot soldering iron. We may even have another door prize for a lucky attendee. 
See you there. 
73, Justin, VK7TW 
REAST Foundation Training 
The next assessment day will be 3rd Saturday of August and then every second month. That is February, April, June, August, October and December. Check out the REAST Website or Facebook page for events. 
The next one is on 18 August 2018 and if you are interested in attending then please contact Reg on email or phone mobile 0417 391 607. 
73, Reg, VK7KK 
Ham radio is socially useful 
"Outlook India" magazine interviewed Ambarish Nag Biswas, VU2JFA of the West Bengal Radio Club about how Amateur Radio is socially useful. 
Ambarish and quite a few members of his team had headed to a remote island at the confluence of the river Ganga and the Bay of Bengal. There, a couple had desperately sought his help in tracking their missing six-year-old daughter. “Among our club’s major activities is locating lost persons,” Ambarish says. The technical expertise of the club’s radio operators is in high demand from detective agencies trying to crack cases. 
In the above case, WBRC received an urgent message from detectives after they were approached by the girl’s family. Once the club members reached the site, they immediately set up a ‘radio zone’ within a stipulated radius. That was done by sending out team members in different corners with their radio transmitters as well as transceivers—a device that can both transmit and receive communications, and shares a common circuitry. 
“Our key function is to establish radio networks in order to communicate between ourselves (if there is a lead) as well as to intercept conversations,” explains Ambarish. “In a large number of cases, the missing person is a victim of kidnapping, trafficking or other crime. There is almost always communication between the members of the criminal gang who don’t use traditional methods of communication such as cell-phones which are not difficult for the police to tap into. Our radio network, operating at several frequencies, is like a web picking up the minutest sounds travelling through the spectrum.” 
Among the conversations intercepted, WBRC’s trackers heard a woman’s voice setting up a meeting point to “deliver” the girl. They located the source of the signal and informed the police. “The girl was being abducted,” says Ambarish. “But she could be rescued using radio signals to tap into her captors’ conversations.” 
Read the full story at 
West Bengal Radio Club 
VK9N, Norfolk Island 
Operators Everett 'Ev' W6ABM, Joseph N7BF, Russ N7QR and Peter ZL2HM will be active as VK9EV, VK9BF, VK9QR, VK9PM, respectively, from Norfolk Island (OC-005) between October 10-19th
Activity will be on various HF bands and modes. 
They will be on Norfolk Island during the 244th anniversary and celebration of its discovery. 
QSL VK9BF via N7BF. QSL VK9EV via W6ABM, direct, by the Bureau (not the VK Bureau) and LoTW. QSL VK9QR via N7QR direct. QSL VK9PM via ZL2HM. 
Regular VK7 gatherings and events over the coming months: 
Regular gatherings: 
SOTA Group – Monday and Friday Coffee Sessions from 10:30am at Glebe Gardens Cafe 166 Henry St, Launceston 
NTARC - Monday and Friday Coffee Sessions from 10am in clubrooms and technical sessions – Wednesdays from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm Archer Street, Rocherlea, Launceston. 
REAST – Wednesday Afternoon Group meets from Noon then the Experimenters Night from 7:30pm in the Queens Domain clubrooms, Hobart. 
REAST – MICROWAVE QSO Party – following after the Sunday broadcast on 1296.1MHz FM. 
NTARC – 8th August - 1930 hrs General Meeting Clubrooms Archer St Rocherlea Launceston. (Show and tell) 
NTARC - Social Dinner Wednesday 22 August 
NWTAR&TVG – 4 August - General meeting at Leven District Scout Headquarters, 73 Alexander Road, Ulverstone. 
REAST - Wednesday 1 August at 7:30pm - Fundamentals of radio astronomy, Mike Groth, VK7MJ 
VK7 – 17 November – Miena Hamfest – Miena Community Hall 
A reminder to those people rostered for next week’s broadcasts: 
Newsreader: VK7PD 
Repeaters: REAST, NTARC and NWTR&TVG 
80m: VK7ALH 
40m: VK7FB 
20m: VK7IL 
10m: VK7TPE 
DMR: VK7RCR Channel 3807 
This broadcast is repeated on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RTC in the South and VK7RAA in the North. 
Thanks to all people and organisations that assisted with this broadcast. 
That concludes our VK7 Regional News Broadcast for this week. 
Next week the National WIA news can be heard at 0900 followed by the VK7 Regional News at 0930 hours. 
Items for the broadcast can be emailed to 
Please note all, this is now the address for news items for the VK7 Regional News. 
Further information about the broadcast can be found at the VK7 Regional News Yahoo Group. 
The deadline for items is 21:00 on Friday prior to the Sunday of the broadcast. 
VK7WI is now closing but will reopen shortly for callbacks and relay reports. Callbacks will be taken on the frequency to which you are listening. 
Relay stations will use their own callsigns during the callback. 
From the VK7 Regional News, it is 73 from Mike, VK7FB 

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